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paint picture as to exactly how and why this tragedy occurred. >> reporter: two adults that were shot and survivedcould offer important information. the tragedy has sparked a debate over gun control and a culture of violence in america. >> we've all got to be angry. this is not us and them, us against the nra or us against the entertainment industry. this is all of us. >> this has changed and it should move beyond dialogue. we need answers. >> reporter: newtown united is calling for better gun control. it plans to send a delegation to washington on tuesday. >> we have the benefit and the miss fortune of being on -- misfortune of being on the national stage right now. this is a real opportunity for us to make a statement. >> reporter: schools will reopen tuesday but sandy hook elementary will be closed till further notice. >> one of the victims in the newtown shooting spree has a daughter that attends georgetown university. katie sherlach is a ph.d.
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candidate in chemistry. her mom was the school psychologist at sandy hook elementary and one of the heroes who tried to stop the gunman. they have lunched a fund raising campaign with the goal of collecting at least $5,000 for the sherlach family. advocates for gun control are hoping that the actions of newtown is enough to spark debate. >> reporter: i'm kristin fish other capitol hill where today about 200 people marched to the nra headquarters with this message. >> let's stop all the assault weapons. >> i'm here because i'm tired of lighting candles and crying and praying for victims of violent crimes. and i want to do something. >> shame on the nra. shame on the nra. >> reporter: but mid march they hear this. >> arm the teachers, arm the
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principals. >> reporter: arm the teachers, arm the principals the man is saying. three days after the second worst school shooting in american history, the debate over gun control wages on the sidewalks outside the largest gun lobbying group in the country. >> perhaps the answer is to allow teachers and principals and other people to defend themselves. >> i can't believe that more guns and guns for everyone is the solution. >> we'll be back. >> it's unacceptable when you see these faces. shame on all of us if we're not doing something about it. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9news. as we learn more about the shooting rampage in connecticut, we're learning more about a chilling school threat in northwest indiana. 60-year-old vaughn myer was taken into custody after he allegedly threatened to go to a grade school and kill as many people as he could before police could stop him. he livers just a few feet from the school. police took the threat seriously. they arrested him. a search of his home turned up nearly four dozen weapons along
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with a large amount of ammunition. guns are a way of life for some people. they see increase and stricter government controls as a threat which could account for today's run on guns in frederick, maryland. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at a gun store in frederick county, maryland where the result of the newtown tragedy has been a run on guns. >> right now i've got channel 9 recording me because everybody in the country is buying guns and i've got a store full of customers that are all trying to buy the same type of firearm you are. if you know where one is, go grab it. >> i want to make sure i'll be able to get them. >> reporter: jeff was shopping for a handgun. the newtown tragedy has had this effect. >> it doesn't change my thinking. it helps clarify it actually. in my view, it's not about the gun. it's about why did this guy freak out. what underlying medical mental issues combined with really a dumbing down of morals in the country, what has, you know -- how did that contribute to what
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happened in connecticut, in colorado and arizona. >> what you're seeing today is the very fact that the american people fear that their government is going to prohibit them from doing what is currently lawful and legal. and their response to that is to do what's lawful and legal and purchase what they can purchase. >> reporter: in frederick, maryland, scott broom, 9news now. >> those sought gun fans may be right to worry. the massacre of schoolchildren in connecticut may be shifting the political dynamic in washington. bruce leshan reports two senators in our area who in the past have gotten a grades from the national rifle association are now demanding change. >> as your senator i'll protect our second amendment right. that's why the nra endorsed me. >> reporter: west virginia's joe man chin, a conservative democrat who famously fired a hunting rifle in a campaign ad. >> i've never had more than three shells in a clip you. >> now supports gun regulation.
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>> they're proud parent, grandparents. they understand this has changed where we go from here. >> reporter: senator manchin says no one he knows goes hunting with an assault rifle or high capacity magazine. >> this has changed the dialogue and it should move beyond dialogue. we need action. >> reporter: he's not alone. >> i got an a rating from the nra. >> reporter: virginia's mark warner said his daughters asked him what he's doing to keep children safe. >> when these kindergarten kids were massacred, if there's a reasonable approach to restrict access to some of the most violent of these weapons. >> reporter: the nra has taken its facebook site private leaving gun control advocates to take over n. a petition on the white house website urging the president to act has broken records. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. >> gun laws are a part of this, but they are not the only part of this. >> reporter: but there are still many in congress who
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think more gun rights may be an armed principal might have saved those children's lives. >> she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids. >> reporter: the question, whether all those funerals will leave supporters of assault rifles and high capacity magazines in the minority. bruce less handle, 9news now -- leshan, 9news now. senator dianne feinstein of california says she's going to introduce legislation next year to ban new assault weapons as well as those big clips, drums and strips of more than ten bullets. bruce? disturbing memories of the newtown shooting still fresh in the minds of parents and the students returning for classes today here in the washington area. we sent our matt jablow to the clinton christian school in upper marlboro to see how folks there are coping. >> reporter: i'm mass jablow in northwest -- matt jablow in northwest. parents and students in the washington area say it feels
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much closer. it just felt different. that's what students all across the washington area, all across the country no doubt were saying about being in school today. >> yes, it did feel different. >> reporter: the first day back in class since 20 young children and six adults were shot to death inside sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. at the clinton christian school in upper marlboro, a special prayer service was held this morning to remember the vehicle tips of the shooting and -- victims of the shooting and the flag outside the school was flown at half staff as were flags outside most area schools. >> i told them i loved them. >> reporter: where a lot of parents described a certain anxiety about dropping their kids off today, even though as a precautionary measure security at many schools was significantly heavier and more visible than usual. >> we did a lot of things with the family this weekend. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news now. coming up on your only local news at 7:00, i sit down
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with john delaney about the pending fiscal cliff and his ideas on current gun laws. you'll want to see this. >> coming up this half-hour on 9news, some good news for former president george h.w. bush. he's doing good coming up ahead. >> we have a dense fog advisory for the entire metro area. we'll talk about how long that's going to be around, if it's going to last into your morning commute and look ahead to a pattern change, maybe in time for christmas. >> plus, a tea party favorite and a historic change on capitol hill. we'll be right back.
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south carolina governor niki haley has chosen representative tim scott to replace jim demint in the senate. scott is a tea party backed conservative and he would be the first african-american senator in that state's history. he is also the only african- american senator to serve in the upcoming 113th congress. scott will take office in january after demint resigned to take the helm of a conservative think tank the heritage town daition -- foundation. there is some good news to report for ex-president george h.w. bush. after three weeks in the hospital, doctors expect he will be able to celebrate the hl dows at home -- holidays at home. the 88-year-old former president is being treated for
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a bronchitis-related cough. doctors are now working to improve his physical strength before he's released. coming up on 9news now, fiscal cliff notes. house speaker john boehner and president obama hold more talks. we'll have the latest on the negotiations.
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as -- as if the grief couldn't get any greater in newtown, connecticut today marked the first two funerals.
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you know our colleague and reporter debra alfarone and a crew were on the ground covering the second deadliest school shooting in our nation's history. she just got back. debra is here. it's been an emotional few days for sure. talk to us about the scene when you first arrived. >> i went there with our operator kurt brooks and i was there with chris mullen a photographer and another feed producer. what happened was -- when we got there, we were trying to figure out the scene. it was very chaotic. the entire world seemed to have descended really right on newtown. it was really kind of crazy. what happened was we got there and people were distraught. people didn't know where to go but it was the second day when things got a little bit crazy. what happened was we got there and the second day people learned the names. that's when we learned the name of the 26 people who passed away, 20 of them children, 6 and 7 years old.
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i want to play for you now really what stayed with me most. i talked to a man, a teacher. listen to this. >> oh, my god. oh, it can't be possible. oh, gosh -- [indiscernible] >> this is the moment when he learned some of these kids. he knew these kids. >> it seems everyone knows somebody. people all day were going to the memorials. every memorial, there was another one right next to it and another one next to that you go down street and there's memorial after memorial. little teddy bears and they each have pinned to it the name
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of one of the 20 victims, their birthday. birth dates ending in '06. this is just the most painful thing. what really stayed with me, we left today. we left today to come back here and report the news that goes on in this area, but, you know, they can't leave. they're there. the media is still there and there are funerals. you know, what's going to happen next week and the week after and the month after this. after the holidays. newtown will always be known as the epicenter for pain, for this terrible tragedy and really, you know, my thoughts are with them. it will never leave me. never. >> their pain is the country's pain. debra, thank so you much for the great job that you and our team were able to do while you were there. this is not an easy assignment, not one that any of us want to cover. but we hope the people in newtown, connecticut know the whole country is there with them. >> i think they do. >> thanks so much. now for the latest on the so-called fiscal cliff.
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house speaker john boehner returned to the hilda after meeting with president obama at the white house. the republican leader jump started talks with friday's proposal to boost taxes on income of more than $1 million. that's a significant departure from the g.o.p.'s no new taxes pledge. today is the second time in a week that boehner and the president have met face to face. proposed cuts to medicare are now the key to any fiscal cliff deal, but democrats in both the house and the senate say increasing medicare eligibility age is not an option. what you got? >> good news. it was 63 today. other good news, only been below freezing once downtown. that was thursday night, friday morning. bad news we have some fog out there. let's start with a live look. it is our live michael & son
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weather camera. doesn't look that dense. that's national airport. but it is around and surrounding areas. please take it easy tonight. we'll give you tips in a second. a high of 52 after a high of 53. our average high is 46. i'm waiting the for the winds to kick and become southwesterly after midnight. i think that will scour the fog out. so at least dense fog until midnight. here's the visibilities. half mile at dulles. five-mile visibility at national. that's why that picture did not look so bad. up toward baltimore a quarter- mile visibility. much of howard county, anne arundel county not good. so again slow down, use your low beams. here's the advisory. it covers fairfax, covers loudoun, covers all the way out into fauquier county. so essentially the entire metro area and also for our friends in southern maryland as well. look at the radar. showers, even some thunderstorms now showing up
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around morgantown. severe thunderstorm watches earlier in kentucky. all that is going to pull north of us. that said, we still could hear the rumble of thunder later tonight between frederick and hagerstown. good news right now, we don't have shower activity to worry about. bad news is we have the fog. i think the showers are going to roll through here between about 10:00 and 1:00 a.m. tonight. 49 rockville. 51 bethesda. still 50 in fairfax. looking at 50 in arlington and 50 in college park and bowie. so staying mild but fog tonight. use your low beams. a wet evening commute for many tonight. so we have the drizzle. it's going to continue. a wet morning commute for some. and still mild on tuesday. now by midnight, you see the showers d.c. north. see the yellows and the oranges? that's heavier activity right along the boarder. that pulls on out very quickly. we're actually left with a pretty nice tuesday in the afternoon. it will be kind of cool or feel a little cooler because of the
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wind. so next three days 9 weather alerts are green, green, yellow. morning shower, 58. gorgeous on wednesday, 54. late rain on thursday so the evening commute on thursday could be a problem. temperatures in the mid-50s. next seven days, when that front goes through thursday, we're going to be reminded that yes, we are in december. a little colder on friday and saturday. in the low 40s, mid- to upper 40s on sunday. ravens in town, fine. we're in philadelphia. , fine. mid-40s for monday which is, you know, christmas eve day which would be nice if we had increasing clouds with a flake. >> you know what? we actually would have enjoyed that. a little bit of snow on christmas but alas you don't. at least you can deliver on, you know, what you're covering. >> exactly. good news. redskins nation wakes up real happy this morning. a big win for the redskins now five in a row. we'll hear from the guys about what the streak has done for this team. plus, will jon wall return this season? he talks about it today.
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sports is next.
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the wed skins are finally in -- redskins are finally in first. the skins hold the tie breaker over new york. the redskins maintained their confidence and that has been on display. five straight wins for the burgundy and gold rocketed them to the top but as usual the skins will savor the win against cleveland for just 24 hours because they have two big divisional opponents left to play. >> enjoy it while we can. we still -- [indiscernible] >> feels good but we still have two tough games ahead of us. first place doesn't really mean
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anything right now. >> it's a good feeling to have everybody in the division chasing us. >> sunday's game in cleveland was a homecoming for defensive captain london fletcher. he grew up in the area. said the ride from the airport to the team hotel included passing through his old neighborhood. he had plenty of friends and family there to watch his first ever game in cleveland. however, the joy of the victory didn't last long. fletcher said several of his members of his family were harassed after the game. this is video of the incident that was posted on youtube last night. three of his cousins were arrested and his aunt suffered neck injuries. the security workers instigated instead of aided he said. >> we would like to see something being double. i had four family members who were arrested. it's definitely disheartening and put a major damper on my return going home to play in the city that i love. >> to basketball. been a long season for the washington wizards so far and
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they only played 21 of 82 games. all of those without their star john wall. he has missed the entire season with a knee injury that doesn't seem to be healing fast enough. friday he got a lubricating shot and was told he could up his recovery workout. he dismissed the idea he would miss the entire season. >> hopefully with the shots i got and treatment i've been getting is helping me get healthy to play basketball, i don't want to miss the whole season but if it comes to t you have to but i'm trying not to think that far ahead. >> i know the wizards could really use him back but he would still be limited if he does come back but anything helps right now. >> we don't want him to get worse, though. that doesn't help when you're the face of the franchise for sure. >> that's what they did with rg3, let him heal. the cbs evening news is next. have a great night.
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